Techno-71 has launched sophisticated School Management Software

Techno-71 has brought a sophisticated software to make its own activities more easy for the educational institution. The name of this software is “AP School Management Software”. AP School Management Software is a multi-site, simple and easy to use solution for any school. Software loaded with powerful features help users to get the lot information on a click away. An integrated solution with students and employees data helps management to manage all the measurements in single software.

Best eCommerce Software in Bangladesh

T-71 eCommerce Software is one of the leading eCommerce platforms in the market today. It is easy to use, intuitive, and offers many features. Hosting and making the website on the back end and the customer experience on the front end runs smoothly. Its users are especially satisfied with the great customer support that this software platform offers. You can preview your website easily and make plenty of edits on that preview. T-71 eCommerce Software offers 30+ free templates, is compatible with over 10 payment gateways, and its checkout process is simple.

T-71 Inventory Management Software has been updated

T-71 Inventory Management Software is a comprehensive inventory management solution with enterprise level sales, purchasing, manufacturing, and accounting functionality (including QuickBooks integration). Organize and control all aspects of your inventory with serial number and lot tracking, expiration dates, reorder points and other critical features. Efficiently manage your inventory for manufacturing With T-71 IMS kitting (BOM) tools. A standalone application, T-71 Inventory Management Software has an integrated web application for enhance.

Real Estate Property Management Software in Bangladesh

T-71 Real Estate Property Management Software is comprehensive, yet easy to use software for property management. Functions include vendor and tenant management, payroll, accounting, purchasing & inventory management. Property Boulevard offers a total solution for both multi-offices enterprises and single computer offices. In addition to the out-of-the-box software platform, we also provide a full complement of professional services to assist in the day-to day operations and system integration.